Ice Cream (It's Gonna Be Alright) by Spoonicorn

from by HEXAWE



Spoonicorn is Bud Melvin & BLEO


it's spoonicorn
call it the cartridge family
it's not a MIDINES, it's not damaging
degraded signals, no distress
bud melvin, bleo sweeping up your mess

this world sucks so I'll rap about ice cream
there's so many flavors to savor it's like a nice dream
yeah keep it real, bud! it's not a pipe dream
soft serving up your downsampled wet dream

chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, rocky road

chocolate peanut butter, pistachio, no sugar added butter pecan

it's gonna be alright

it's spoonicorn
call it the cartridge family
like danny bonaduce turnt to insanity
yeah keep it real, bud! turnt to insanity

trying to pass on sweets, but yo I need this
kiddie scoop size cuz I got dat diabeetus
sherbet or sherbert or however it's said
is killing me slow, blood flow as sweet DEAD

it's gonna be alright


from TURNTNES, released July 16, 2015




HEXAWE Mie, Japan

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